2008 / Teatro Carignano
2008, Carignano Theatre, Ceiling Decorations

In July 2008 the Consulta completed the restoration of the ceiling decoration of the Theatre. This operation was carried out within the frame of a wider recovery of the theatre building as a whole.

2008 / Villa della Regina
2008, Villa della Regina, Giaquinto Exhibition, New Installations

In 2001-2003 the Consulta carried out the restoration of the ‘Asse del Belvedere’ at Villa della Regina. The challenging work was conceived bearing in mind both the historical relevance and the current needs of the location to be fully integrated within the frame of an efficient recovery of the whole complex.

2007 / Reggia di Venaria Reale
2007, Reggia di Venaria Reale, Four Seasons

The Consulta financed the restoration of the “Four Seasons” statues in Frabosa marble, by Simone Martinez, the nephew of Filippo Juvarra, in 1752. The statues were originally designed for the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale.

2007 / Biblioteca Reale
2007, Royal Library, Exhibition Terrae Cognitae. Cartography in the Savoia’s collections

In 2007 the Consulta financed the exhibition  “Terrae Cognitae. La cartografia nelle collezioni sabaude”: ancient portolan charts were restored, among which the “Planisphere” by Giovanni Vespucci, dated 1523, for which a cutting-edge support was installed allowing it to be permanently on display within the Room.

2007 / Palazzo Chiablese
2007, Palazzo Chiablese, Arazzi Le Storie di Artemisia

The original tapestry materials underwent severe damages due to their ageing, usage and previous display conditions, not suitable for proper fibre preservation. The restoration works were divided into two areas of intervention.