2005 / Piazza CLN
Fountains the Rivers Po and Dora

The Consulta financed the interventions on the stone sections, basically consisting in a previous strengthening of the disaggregated portions, then followed by the removal of coking and acid scales by means of water spraying and application of paper pulp.

2004 / Palazzina Società Promotrice Belle Arti

After careful surveys and stratigraphic analysis were performed on plaster, the works by the Consulta focused on the restoration of the decorations, the coating of the outer façades, to include doors and windows and on the reconstruction of the surrounding balustrade.

2003 / Villa della Regina
Asse del Belvedere e Teatro d Acque

The Consulta promoted the restoration of the viewpoint Asse del Belvedere, thus significantly contributing to the whole recovery of the complex, with a two year investment exceeding 1million €.

2002 / The Statue of Ferdinando of Savoia

The restoration removed the thick layer of black scale and dust by keeping the patina untouched.

2001 / The Statue of Vittorio Emanuele II

The restoration had to cope with structural concerns on the one hand and the recovery of the original colours and appearance on the other, as the statue had been undergoing major changes due to the pollution and the atmospheric agents.