2010 / Galleria Sabauda
2010, The Savoia Art Gallery, Paintings restoration and exhibition

Over the years 2008-2009 the Consulta cared for the restoration of some Flemish paintings from the Dukes of Savois and from Prince Eugenio collection, as well as from the Riccardo Gualino collection.

2010 / Museo Nazionale del Cinema
2010, The National Cinema Museum, Exhibition setup

The refurbishing of the area dedicated to special effects, also known as Chroma Key, has resulted in an innovative solution both from the points of view of quality and effectiveness: the setup is focused on some computer graphic animated sequences, strongly appealing the viewers.

2009 / Chiesa del Santo Sudario e Museo della Sindone
2009, Church of the Holy Shroud and Museum, Façades

The preservation works focused on the Church of the Holy Shroud and the Museum façades. Stratigraphic analysis were carried out on the plastering and decorations to identify the original colours.

2008 / Stupinigi
2008, Stupinigi, Alberate storiche

The project envisaged the reimplantation of about 1,700 Lombardy poplars (P.nigra pyramidalis) along the ring road and the two main hunting paths starting from the ring road, called Rotta Niccolò and Rotta Chisola.

2008 / Palazzo Reale
2008, The Royal Palace, Historic Kitchens

After 60 years the Savoia kitchens have been rescued from oblivion. The kitchens, located within the castle vaults in the east wing of the Palazzo Reale, consist of 20 rooms including kitchens for cooking meat, fish and bakery, ovens, chopping blocks, spits, mortars, wells, cold storage rooms, cupboards and a large cellar.